Hi! 👋

My name is Angelika Tyborska and I'm a full-stack web developer. I'm currently located in Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪, but I was born and grew up in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland 🇵🇱.

I write backend code in Elixir 💜. It's my favorite programming language because of its human-friendly syntax, immutability, pattern matching, and performance.

I love making websites pretty with CSS 🎨. Sometimes I do weird things with it just to see if I can and I publish it on css-art.angelika.me.


  • Maintaining the Elixir track on Exercism. from May 2020 to present
  • Mentoring Elixir learners on Exercism. from July 2018 to October 2021
  • Mentoring at an Elixir beginners workshop organized by Taste Elixir in Poznań. on 29th November and 30th November 2019


  • CSS art I make things with CSS that look cool. created in November 2019 - present
  • Markdown Code Block Formatter An Elixir formatter for Elixir code blocks in Markdown files and sigils. created in January 2024
  • The Nonvisual Website Plenty of websites are inaccessible to screen readers. What if I made a website that is accessible only to screen readers? created in October 2023
  • CSS Color Quiz A quiz game about guessing color names based on the CSS color keywords. created in August 2022
  • PR Commenter A GitHub action that can posts comments on your PR that can vary depending on which files are being changed in the PR. created in April 2021
  • Elixir Enum Cheatsheet A visual reference of Elixir Enum functions. created in January 2021
  • Mazes A maze generator written using Phoenix LiveView, for fun. created in December 2020
  • vnu-elixir An Elixir client for the Nu HTML Checker. I wrote it because I wanted to validate the HTML responses in my Phoenix controller tests. created in April 2020
  • Falling Tiles A Tetris clone written using Phoenix LiveView, for fun. created in May 2019

Talks and podcasts

Want to chat?

If you want to talk to me about ✨tech stuff✨, you can contact me on Mastodon @angelikatyborska@mas.to or write an email to hello@angelika.me.