CSRF protection in Phoenix

If your Phoenix app uses basic authentication or cookies for authentication, you need to protect it from cross-site request forgery.

31 December 2019 , ,

How to give great code reviews

If you think the only purpose of a code review is to catch bugs, read this.

19 May 2019 ,

Pause CircleCI build until previous build finishes

If you ever configured CircleCI to do a deployment, you probably ran into the problem of two pushes triggering two deployments at the same time. You can prevent that.

30 April 2019 ,

How I prepared for my first AWS certification

Here's how I went from knowing exactly zero about AWS to getting the Solutions Architect - Associate certification.

30 November 2018 ,

How to asynchronously download files in Elixir

With either HTTPotion or HTTPoison.

24 November 2018

5 reasons to become a mentor on Exercism

Here are the reasons I enjoy mentoring on Exercism and why you might want to do that too.

12 August 2018 ,

Recursive SQL queries

A few examples of recursive queries for PostgreSQL using WITH RECURSIVE.

10 January 2018

React Day Berlin 2017 conference review

I attended React Day Berlin and wanted to share my thoughts on it.

02 December 2017 ,

Why I'm excited about CSS Grid

I just got myself familiar with the specification of CSS Grid and cried a single tear of joy. Here's why.

24 October 2017

What my bathroom window taught me about code quality

When bad code is not that bad...

06 August 2017

Print my string, Elixir!

Not everything that presents itself as a binary is an invalid string.

11 July 2017

Colorizing Names

How I figured out how to assign colors to branch names - deterministically, but seemingly random to a human.

03 July 2017 ,

Blend mode in CSS

Yes, you can set a blend mode for your HTML elements!

07 May 2017

Compressed text files

Ever wondered how to grep that very-old.log.5.gz file?

10 December 2016 , ,

Screen Sessions

How not to panic when someone tells you to use the screen command.

01 November 2016 , ,

How to ORDER BY the result of SELECT COUNT in Ecto

Spoiler: by using fragments to set an alias.

10 September 2016 , ,

That one process that wouldn't stay dead

The discovery of a process that would keep coming back after being killed forced me to find out what's up with that "launchctl load" command many tutorials tell me to run when installing something.

08 September 2016 , ,

Hello World web app in Elixir, part 3 - Phoenix

In the process of learning Elixir I am writing the same simple web app three times, using three different tools. This is the third part - the variant using the web framework Phoenix.

14 August 2016 ,

Hello World web app in Elixir, part 2 - Plug

In the process of learning Elixir I am writing the same simple web app three times, using three different tools. This is the second part - the variant using Plug.

14 August 2016 ,

Hello World web app in Elixir, part 1 - Cowboy

In the process of learning Elixir I am writing the same simple web app three times, using three different tools. This is the first part - the variant using only the Cowboy web server.

14 August 2016 ,

Assert anything about received arguments

Advanced argument matching in RSpec.

02 July 2016 , ,

Garmin Vivosmart HR

My opinion about this fitness band after having used it for a month.

11 June 2016 , , ,

The death of a schoolgirl

What I have come to realize during my first 3 months as a Junior Ruby Developer.

06 June 2016

Scroll spy - heading breadcrumbs

Keep track of the headings that describe the current paragraph of a long article.

03 May 2016 ,

Rubyist's first attempt at testing JavaScript

How to do everything that RSpec can do, but with Mocha, Chai, Sinon, and Proxyquire.

22 April 2016 , , , , ,

Docker for dummies

Get acquainted with basic Docker concepts while trying to run a simple Guestbook Rails app in a Docker container.

20 March 2016 , ,

Looking for my first Ruby job - a timeline

If you're on your first job hunt and losing sleep over it because it's been 3 days since you've sent your resume and nobody answered, read this.

14 March 2016 ,

Command line keyboard shortcuts

Navigate the command line using Emacs or Vi keyboard shortcuts.

12 March 2016 ,

Building a blog with Jekyll

A basic introduction to Jekyll based on my own experience with building this blog.

08 March 2016 , ,